How do I create an instant campaign in Campaign Builder?

Creating an instant campaign can be done in just a few easy steps.  

1. Select “Campaign Builder” from the left navigation menu and select “Instant Campaign”
2. Name your campaign, we’ll call this one “Patient Recall Campaign - Beyond 60 days”



3. After you have named your campaign, you will need to select the recipients for your campaign.  Recipients are selected using location, last visit date and keyword filters.  The recipients are displayed on the right hand side of your window and will change as you modify the criteria of the filters. Because we’re running a recall campaign, you’ll see the only criteria we’ve used in this list is their last visit date was beyond 60 days ago.



4. Now we’ll need to select the notification which will be sent to the followers mobile devices.  Every campaign requires a notification and you have two choices, either push a push notification or a soft notification.  Push notifications will be displayed on the home screen of your follower’s phone and soft notifications will display a badge on the My Local Beacon icon notifying them that a new message has been received.  Generally, we recommend push notifications for most campaigns as they have a very high probability of being read instantly.  In this example, we’ve selected a push notification.  We’ve also chosen to use the templated content located below.  You may enter whatever information you would like in the notification, but we’ll always have templated content available for you, simply by clicking the plus sign.  You can preview your notification to the right to see how it will be displayed on your follower’s device.



5. Once we’ve created our notification, it’s time to build the landing page. The landing page is the destination for your followers when they view your campaign and contains the details of your offer, education materials or promotion.  The landing page has two required components and two optional components.  You may also choose a templated landing page by selecting the one you want and clicking the plus sign from the choices near the bottom of your screen.  These templates will include both a title and the text for your landing page.



The title of your landing page will be displayed prominently at the top.  The title should be something which will grab your follower’s attention.


The text on your landing page is used to describe your offer, promotion or provide other education or information to your followers.



Add available appointment times to your landing page.  This will allow your followers to claim appointments. You may add as many appointments as you want to your landing page.




Add any promotions (10% Off Next Visit, etc.) to your landing page.  Promotional campaigns can be done for products and services and require a description.  You may add as many promotions as you want to your landing page.

Promotions may also have the following attributes:


The promotion expiration is how long you will honor the promotion for when presented with the claimed promotion in your office.

Days Offer Is Available To Save

This field will set a number of days the promotion is available on your follower’s mobile device and for how many days it may be claimed.  Once the number of days you set expires, the promotion will no longer be available to your followers.

Add a Limited Quantity

You may add a limited quantity to your promotion.  Once the quantity has been claimed, the promotion will no longer be available to your followers.



In this example, we’ve chosen the templated VIP Appointments Available landing page.



Given that we’re seeking to fill appointments, we’ll need to add a couple appointments.  In this example, we have added three appointments to the landing page so you can see how they are displayed.



6. Now that the landing page is complete, all we need to do is review the details of the campaign and send it. The campaign preview screen allows you to review and edit any of the settings for your campaign before sending it to your followers.



If you like the campaign you’re using and all of the settings, all that’s left to do is to send the campaign, hit this button and you’re all set!


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